Famous Asthmatics

The following celebrities all have or had asthma:


Presidents of the USA

Martin Van Buren - 8th president of the USA

Theodore Roosevelt - 26th president of the USA

Woodrow Wilson - 28th president of the USA

Calvin Coolidge - 30th president of the USA

John F. Kennedy - 35th president of the USA

Walter F. Mondale - 42nd vice president of the USA

Bill Clinton - 42nd president of the USA

Other political figures

Peter the Great (1672–1725) - Russian tsar

Seneca - Roman philosopher and politician

Ernesto (Che) Guevara - Argentinian freedom fighter

Jesse Jackson - American politician and civil rights activist

William III of England (1650–1702) - Prince of Orange, King of England, Scotland and Ireland

Benjamin Disraeli - British prime minister from the 19th century

John Locke - English philosopher and politician from the 17th century

Daniel Webster (18th century) - 3-fold American minister of foreign affairs

Jym Ryun - American politician, won a Silver medal at the Olympic games and held the world record on the 1500m

John Paul Jones - American revolution hero

William T. Sherman - American civil war hero


Water Sports

Mark Spitz - won a record of 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympics

Amy Van Dyken - 6 x Olympic gold - first woman to win 4 gold medals on the same Olympic games - swimming

Debbie Meyer - 3 x Olympic gold - swimming

Tom Dolan - 2 x Olympic gold - swimming

Kurt Grote - Olympic gold - swimming

Tom Malchow - Olympic gold - swimming

Adrian Moorhouse - Olympic gold - swimming

Sandra Völker - German swimming champion

Nancy Hogshead - 3 x Olympic gold - swimming

Greg Louganis - 4 x Olympic gold - diving

Alison Streeter - crossed the channel 43 times, a record

Susie Maroney - long distance swimmer

Sam Riley - Olympic swimmer

Matthew Dunn - Olympic swimmer

Theresa Zabell - Olympic sailing athlete

Every player on the US Olympic water polo team on the 1988 Olympics, suffered from exercise induces asthma!


Jackie Joyner-Kersee - 3 x Olympic gold - heptathlon and long jump

Donovan Bailey - 2 x Olympic champion 100m

Paula Radcliffe - world record holder marathon

José Luis González - world record holder 1500m indoor

Rob Muzzio - pentathlon

Alberto Salazar - marathon

Sharon Donnelly - triathlon

Karin Smith - javelin

George Murray - wheelchair marathon champion


Miguel Indurain - 5 x Tour de France winner and Olympic champion

Jan Ullrich - Tour de France winner

Alex Zülle - 2 x Vuelta winner

Winter sports

Bill Koch - 2 x Olympic medal skiing

Gary Roberts - professionnal hockey player

Kristi Yamaguchi - Olympic gold figure skating

Anni Friesinger - Olympic scating champion and worl record holder

Bonnie Warner - luge

Other Sports

Justine Henin - Tennis

Dennis Rodman - Basketball

Isaiah Thomas - Basketball

Dominique Wilkins - Basketball

Bruce Davidson - 2x Olympic champion horse back riding

Ian Botham - legendary cricket player from the 80's

Jerome Bettis - American Football legend

Art Monk - American Football

Paul Scholes - Football player with Manchester United and English national team

Louis Saha - Football player with Manchester United and French national team

Gethin Jenkins - Welsh rugby player


Morgan Fairchild - actress

Bob Hope - comedian and actor

Liza Minnelli - actress and singer

Christopher Reeve - Superman!

Martin Scorsese - director of classic screenplays like Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino

Paul Sorvino - actor, often cast as mafiosi

Sharon Stone - actress from Basic Instinct

Elizabeth Taylor - actress from Cleopatra

Orson Welles - actor and director of Citizen Kane

Diane Keaton - actress from Godfather films

Helen Hayes - 2x oscar winner

Charlotte Coleman - British actress, known from her part as Scarlet in Four Weddings and a Funeral, died at the age of 33 from an asthma attack

Sarah Michelle Geller - Buffy, the vampire slayer

Steve Allen - comedian and TV personality

Jason Alexander - actor from Seinfield

Ricki Lake - actress and talk show host

Loni Anderson - actress and Burt Reynolds' ex-wife

Martin Freeman - Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Tim from The Office

Nikki Sanderson - Candice Stowe from Coronation Street

Moses Gunn - Bumpy Jonas from the original Shaft movie


Marcel Proust - 19th century writer and filosopher

Charles Dickens - writer from Oliver Twist

Joseph Pulitzer - publisher, the Pullitzer price was named after him

Dylan Thomas - Welsh poet

John Updike - American writer

Oliver Wendell Holmes - physician and poet


Ludwig van Beethoven - deaf composer - wrote 9 symphonies

Leonard Bernstein - Jewish-American composer, conductor and pianist.

Antonio Vivaldi - Italian composer of The Four Seasons

Kenny G - Saxophone player


Alice Cooper - hard rocker

DMX - rapper

Jonathon Davis - singer from nu-metal band Korn

Billy Joel - Rocker

Judy Collins - American Folk singer

Apex Twin - Techno DJ


Beruj Benacerraf - Nobel Price winner Medicine

Elias James Corey - Nobel Price winner Chemistry

Jan Baptista van Helmont - Belgian pioneer in medicine and chemistry - studied his own asthma (16th - 17th century)

Pliny the Elder - Roman scientist and writer.

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