Famous Asthmatics

The celebrities in the following list all have or had asthma.
Name Profession Known for
Bob Hope acthor comedian and actor
Charlotte Coleman acthor British actress, known from her part as Scarlet in Four Weddings and a Funeral, died at the age of 33 from an asthma attack
Christopher Reeve acthor Superman!
Diane Keaton acthor actress from Godfather films
Elizabeth Taylor acthor actress from Cleopatra
Helen Hayes acthor 2x oscar winner
Jason Alexander acthor actor from Seinfield
Liza Minnelli acthor actress and singer
Loni Anderson acthor actress and Burt Reynolds' ex-wife
Martin Freeman acthor Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Tim from The Office
Martin Scorsese acthor director of classic screenplays like Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino
Morgan Fairchild acthor actress
Moses Gunn acthor Bumpy Jonas from the original Shaft movie
Nikki Sanderson acthor Candice Stowe from Coronation Street
Orson Welles acthor actor and director of Citizen Kane
Paul Sorvino acthor actor, often cast as mafiosi
Ricki Lake acthor actress and talk show host
Sarah Michelle Geller acthor Buffy, the vampire slayer
Sharon Stone acthor actress from Basic Instinct
Steve Allen acthor comedian and TV personality
Adrian Moorhouse athlete Olympic gold - swimming
Alberto Salazar athlete marathon
Alex Zülle athlete 2 x Vuelta winner
Alison Streeter athlete crossed the channel 43 times, a record
Amy Van Dyken athlete 6 x Olympic gold - first woman to win 4 gold medals on the same Olympic games - swimming
Anni Friesinger athlete Olympic scating champion and worl record holder
Art Monk athlete American Football
Bill Koch athlete 2 x Olympic medal skiing
Bonnie Warner athlete luge
Bruce Davidson athlete 2x Olympic champion horse back riding
Debbie Meyer athlete 3 x Olympic gold - swimming
Dennis Rodman athlete Basketball
Dominique Wilkins athlete Basketball
Donovan Bailey athlete 2 x Olympic champion 100m
Gary Roberts athlete professionnal hockey player
George Murray athlete wheelchair marathon champion
Gethin Jenkins athlete Welsh rugby player
Greg Louganis athlete 4 x Olympic gold - diving
Ian Botham athlete legendary cricket player from the 80's
Isaiah Thomas athlete Basketball
Jackie Joyner-Kersee athlete 3 x Olympic gold - heptathlon and long jump
Jan Ullrich athlete Tourde France winner
Jerome Bettis athlete American Football legend
José Luis Gonzàlez athlete world record holder 1500m indoor
Justine Henin athlete Tennis
Karin Smith athlete javelin
Kristi Yamaguchi athlete Olympic gold figure skating
Kurt Grote athlete Olympic gold - swimming
Louis Saha athlete Footballplayer with Manchester United and French national team
Mark Spitz athlete won a record of 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympics
Matthew Dunn athlete Olympic swimmer
Miguel Indurain athlete 5 x Tour de France winner and Olympic champion
Nancy Hogshead athlete 3 x Olympic gold - swimming
Paul Scholes athlete Football player with Manchester United and English national team
Paula Radcliffe athlete world record holder marathon
Rob Muzzio athlete pentathlon
Sam Riley athlete Olympic swimmer
Sandra Völker athlete German swimming champion
Sharon Donnelly athlete triathlon
Susie Maroney athlete long distance swimmer
Team USA Water Polo 1988 athlete Every player on the US Olympic water polo team on the 1988 Olympics, suffered from exercise induces asthma!
Theresa Zabell athlete Olympic sailing athlete
Tom Dolan athlete 2 x Olympic gold - swimming
Tom Malchow athlete Olympic gold - swimming
Antonio Vivaldi composer Italian composer of The Four Seasons
Kenny G composer Saxophone player
Leonard Bernstein composer Jewish-American composer, conductor and pianist.
Ludwig van Beethoven composer deaf composer - wrote 9 symphonies
Alice Cooper musician hard rocker
Apex Twin musician Techno DJ
Billy Joel musician Rocker
DMX musician rapper
Jonathon Davis musician singer from nu-metal band Korn
Judy Collins musician American Folk singer
Benjamin Disraeli politian British prime minister from the 19th century
Bill Clinton politian 42nd president of the USA
Calvin Coolidge politian 30th president of the USA
Daniel Webster politian 3-fold American minister of foreign affairs (18th century)
Ernesto (Che) Guevara politian Argentinian freedom fighter
Jesse Jackson politian American politician and civil rights activist
John F. Kennedy politian 35th president of the USA
John Locke politian English philosopher and politician from the 17th century
John Paul Jones politian American revolution hero
Jym Ryun politian American politician, won a Silver medal at the Olympic games and held the world record on the 1500m
Martin Van Buren politian 8th president of the USA
Peter de Grote politian Russian tsar (1672-1725)
Seneca politian Roman philosopher and politician
Theodore Roosevelt politian 26th president of the USA
Walter F. Mondale politian 42nd vice president of the USA
Willem III van Oranje-Nassau politian Prince of Orange, King of England, Scotland and Ireland (1650-1702)
William T. Sherman politian American civil war hero
Woodrow Wilson politian 28th president of the USA
Beruj Benacerraf scientist Nobel Price winner Medicine
Elias James Corey scientist Nobel Price winner Chemistry
Gaius Plinius Secundus maior scientist Roman scientist and writer.
Jan Baptista van Helmont scientist Belgian pioneer in medicine and chemistry - studied his own asthma (16th - 17th century)
Charles Dickens writer writer from Oliver Twist
Dylan Thomas writer Welsh poet
John Updike writer American writer
Joseph Pulitzer writer publisher, the Pullitzer price was named after him
Marcel Proust writer 19th century writer and filosopher
Oliver Wendell Holmes writer physician and poet
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